Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Character

"Indifferent yet Inseparable"

"Love in Darkness"

"Ice Princess"

"Orange Bliss"


Summer is here!! Oh yeah i can feel the warm air even at night. I said to myself have a vacation and go keyboard bashing once May starts. As i was walking along the beach side two kids caught my attention. They were role playing, both of them being magical fighters.

The taller kid took sand and did a dragon ball thrust nyahahaha. He threw sand at the smaller kid and chaos began ahahaha. Sand got into the smaller kid's eyes and then the real fight started. So when i went back to the cottage i took my netbook and opened Resbak. I read the encoded chapters and suddenly i was encoding and writing again.

Now i am in character once again and i cant stop thinking. I am taking my time on this one because i already have a solid plot for the first book. Yes it is a love story, but i am going to take it slow this time and focus on the secret plots and mysteries.

And yes they are calling me crazy again since i am laughing by myself. What can i do? When i start imagining i usually think of funny scenes and i just laugh out loud. But for sure there are tons of kilig scenes too. As of the moment i am Raphael ahahaha. I am ordinary. No special powers.

Too some shots this morning and so i share.

And while i was writing Resbak...Bespren: Heart Beats was also on my mind. I guess this will be my most kilig story so far. I will write it next perhaps or sooner if some people have it commissioned. I miss writing english stories...Realm of Butterflies...yes this might be next too.


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