Friday, April 1, 2011

Jet Lag...


Okay so the pictures were taken when i was on the plane. So where am I? Somewhere where the sun does shine too ahahaha. Yes and the moon also shows up and there are lots of trees too just like the place where i came from.

What am i doing here? I really dont know yet but definitely i am still sleepy. My watch is still set to the Philippine time zone and it says here 10:31 and i am sure its morning over there. Here....well the sun has just set. I was able to get a shot of the sunset at the back porch of the lodge where i am at.

Well at least there is good internet connection here and its free LOL. Turned up my netbook and it immediately found a strong wi-fi signal. I hope they dont turn it off. Thank you to whoever you are ahahaha.

Still sleepy...still confused about the body knows i should be up and looking at the sunshine but hey look there is the moon already ahahaha.

Oh body needs to adjust....


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