Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bring on May!


Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy SII? Hell yeah the Superdrioid phone!!! I want one but maybe when the prices have stabilized. Right now is not a good time to buy it since its quite expensive. Saw the internet price and its 900 dollars on some stores.

Its going to take a long time for the price of this phone to drop since its really a good phone and there is no phone out there that can match it. Oh come on not even the alleged iphone 5 can beat this one.

So what did Apple do? Oh yeah they sues Samsung. If you cant beat them sue them! Hahahaha.

Anyway i have to stop encoding Resbak for now. May is about to start and that means new commissioned works. I might continue encoding Resbak when i find free time or when a group picks it up for commission.

I need to rest my fingers for now to prepare for May's works.


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