Sunday, April 10, 2011

Should Haves...

"Comfort Butterfly"



"First Morning Light"

"One is Lonely"


Good day peeps. Been following the online buzz about Pia Toscano of American Idol. Well i did watch the episodes this week and i too was even surprised when she got the boot. I do agree she is one of the best singers, well the best female singer among the ladies in the final 9.

I remember posting a month ago or two that my favorites were Casey, Jacob, Steve and of course Pinoy Pride Thia. Well all of them go into the finals but sad to say Thia got booted out last week. I didnt feel sad since i do agree with the judges that she was always playing on the safe side.

I was shocked to see Casey get the boot, but he got saved. So if the judges didnt use the save on Casey...would they have used it on Pia? I am sure they would but hey they didnt even expect Pia hitting the bottom three. But what a way to land on the bottom three with the company of the best male singer of the contest ahahah. Oh yeah super shocker seeing Pia and Jacob at the bottom three. As for the other guy, well "SUKI" na siya ahahahaha.

Okay was America teaching Jacob, Casey and Pia a lesson? I think they were ahahaha. First of all Jacob was being complacent already upon entering the finals. He was going wild and he didnt care anymore. So the people taught him a lesson. He was really booted out, oh yeah Thia made it to the real top ten!!! But the judges saved Casey so we got a top 11 in the end ahahaha. But let me clarify, Thia was on the bottom three that day she was the first to be sent back so she is the legit 9th place ahahaha.

This week's episode...Jacob was arrogant. He said if he landed on the bottom three then America is blah blah blah i forgot what he said. So America answers him back saying..."OH YEAH?" ahahahaha. There you go Jacob a wake up call. You got a bottom three spot ahahahaha.

As for Pia, yes she too was being arrogant. She blabbered that she can do beyond ballads and so she tried and boy she moved funny in an upbeat music ahahahah. But of course the judges who love her said beautiful words but America has spoken. YOURE OUT!!!! Just like in Baseball ahahaha.

I do understand if the audience were shocked and voiced out their dismay with boos. But even the judges? Arent they supposed to be impartial? They were voicing out their dismay and anger but they didnt even think of the Stefano who was the other candidate to be booted out.

You could see Stefano really sad, he was happy because he was not booted out but what was painful were the words of the judges. Randy said Pia was one of the top vocals in the group, so what does that make Stefano? If Stefano was booted out would they say the same words? So who do they want to get the axe then? Hahahahaha.

You really cant have impartial judges anywhere. Kung sa Pinas yan, normal na yan ahahahah. Dito minsan kahit yung pinakamagaling at deserving natatalo ng guwapo o maganda. Pero di naman lagi...pero magtataka ka bakit ang gwapo at maganda na may so so talent nakakapasok sa finals tapos yung di napalad sa itsura na may legit talent di nakakapasok. Hahahaha.

Tapos ngayon sa news nagmamalinis na ang mga sumakay sa issue ng child abuser. May karapatan daw sila mag voice out. Freedom of speech. Karapatan na maging TANGA!!! Stick to the whole story and not the short video clip people. Konting utak!!!

And so it was today one year ago.

At least one butterfly comforted me today. I was so surprised believe me...let me show you what that butterfly did to me today. I think it sensed my sadness...i was taking lonely shots of flowers and then it just came to me....

Butterfly comforting me...

Reminds me of her...

Maybe she sent it...

I'd like to think so.


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