Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools...


Nyahahahaha. Okay so my prank didnt work. I just thought of making a prank because early morning yesterday i was almost victimized by tons of them ahahaha.

Imagine visiting your favorite tech blog and reading that AOL is going to buy them. Wow i said, an American internet firm buying a Pinoy Tech blog. It can really happen but hey AOL? Ahahaha. I would have believed that prank if lets say a local internet firm was the one that bought it. But hey it almost worked.

Then i read that Samsung is now selling their Galaxy Tabs for only i said yeah right April fools prank but oops its true ahahaha. They slashed huge amounts for their Galaxy line of products. The Galaxy S is now really tempting me LOL.

Even on Facebook, one friend went from single to in a relationship. One went to being engaged even ahahahha. So i had to make my own prank. Luckily the day before i posted some pics of the clouds. makes it look like i took them from a plane. hehehe

But seriously i just took those shots on a hill here in Baguio. Yes the clouds are really that close to the ground...well add a little zoom on your camera nyahahahaha.

I even wanted to extend my prank on Facebook, making it seem i left the country but for sure a lot would be asking so i didnt bother. I chose Twitter but that social network didnt let me post anything yesterday. I dont know why.

Even my downloads, geez there was one tv show ready for download and then the author said that the file was out of sync. So i didnt download it. This morning he was laughing his ass off, yeah nice prank. Imagine a lot of furious downloaders waiting for him to post the in sync file...when the first file was already in sync after all. Okay so i fell for that prank. I had downloaded the file, instead of checking i immediately deleted it. Hahahaha naisahan niya ako don ang loko.

Even Google joined the pranks, they advertised that Google Motion was now ready. Oh boy i was so excited for that new email feature. Then later wow it was a prank after all ahahaha. The prank goes both ways, it makes those who understand just laugh while there were some who were irate ahahaha. Some people really dont take pranks that well...geez lighten up peeps.

Oh well i am used to be known for throwing pranks here and there but my April One prank failed! Mwahahaha. I guess it was not my prank day yesterday. Nevermind, people were expecting pranks anyway, i work best when they dont know at all mwahahahaha.

Its kinda hard pretending being in another country. I chose New York which is 12 hours late. I was laughing my ass off when i was posting plurk updates. Having lunch at 12 midnight. Having dinner when everyone wakes up. Then posting sleep when others are having lunch ahahaha. Its really tough since i made a mistake posting a lunch post at lunch but i immediately deleted it.

So my prank stops now. It was worth the try nyahahaha.

Lesson learned. Dont make pranks when everyone is expecting it. The whole world was really careful. It makes pranking more exciting huh.

The X10 bootloader has been cracked!!! I said yeah right! But its true nyahahahaa. I should be happy since if they cracked the bootloader then i might be able to get my legit 2.2 OS upgrade afterall. Be it from XDA or from SE itself. I can wait. Lets see if SE will be forced to give me the upgrade, if not there is always the XDA group.

So the Samsung Galaxy S is cheaper now....really tempted....but still i must wait for the Optimus Black from LG.

So the prank ends.


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