Thursday, April 21, 2011



Its much more difficult writing a fantasy story. Yeah since you have to really describe everything so the reader can appreciate the story. Simple love stories are easy, mix fantasy, action, comedy and twists then youre going to end up crazy. Hahahaha.

Oh well i have successfully created a solid plot for the first book of Resbak. I dont plan to start it simple. Its going to come full blast with tons of laughter. Im getting really excited with this story ahahaha. Its got the Pinoy brand plus new age and not old school era story.

Okay so enough spoilers. I stopped with chapter 10. I plan to take a real break for now. I dont know when i will continue, since starting May i do have lots of comm works again. Even if i have free time by then i still will take my time since its just going to be stored in my hard drive unless....ahem ahahaha.

Anyway life is simple. Dont make it complicated.


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