Friday, April 29, 2011

Tick Tock Tech Talk...


I was invited to fly to London by my friend Kate nyahahaha. Kidding! Anyway so that wedding is today and as expected the three big networks in our country are going goo goo and ga ga. Mas tinuunan pa ng pansin ang Royal Wedding, gumastos pa sila ng malaki to cover it. Sana nagcover nalang kayo ng plights of OFWs in other countries. Oh what do you expect ba kasi?

Anyway, yesterday i was going over a tech site and drooling over the Samsung Galaxy SII which was already released in Korea. I dont know if i was looking at the phone or the pretty girls holding it ahahaha. Maybe it was the phone...yet they were surely pretty. I wonder if they came with the phone nyahahaha.

Then i looked at my Sony Ericsson Xtinct X10 mini...yes Xtinct since it only had 2.1 Android while the rest of the mobile phones out there have a standard of 2.2 already. Sony does not want to release the upgrade until they have sold lots of their new phones. Genius!!!

I went to XDA and read about the MODs. There was already one stable MOD which gives 2.2 Android, the Cyanogen 6 for the mini. I was hesitant at first because i might brick my phone but i said i will just try to root it. And so i downloaded the Superoneclick program and in less than five minutes my Xtinct Mini was already rooted!!!

So what does that mean? Well when you say rooted that means you have root privileges already. I could already do tweaks and apply modified software. But again i was hesitant. Then i started to read comments from other users who have modified their phones.

Next thing i knew i was already downloading xrecovery ahahaha. I read the instructions carefully because i was a bit scared. It said download xrecovery rar file then extract to PC. Copy the three files to your SD card. So simple and i did that ahaha. Then it said download root explorer...DONE! Download Titanium backup from the Android Market and then press PROBLEM?

Doing that you get to install Busybox. Afterwhich open root explorer, set the phone to mount R/W, copy the three xrecovery files and select MOVE. Then go to System/bin and paste!
Reboot the phone and keep pressing back as the logo appears so you can enter xrecovery! If you were able to enter xrecovery then it was a good install process.

Now with that i can now modify my phone. I downloaded the CM6 (Cyanogen 6 Floyo), this is a custom ROM for the Android 2.2. Copy the file to SD card. Reboot phone and enter xrecovery.

From xrecovery choose install update hehehe. And so on and so fort and after ten minutes....

My Xtinct phone just became a Super X10 Mini!!!

Yep its that simple! Now i can enjoy super 2.2 Froyo! Its stable, it does not reboot, the battery is better. After nine hours and only 7 percent has been used. Its really faster compared to 2.1...two times faster i guess or more.

Pretty cool wallpaper...with four home pages. I set up the widgets and shortcuts to make my phone look like a standard Windows OS system where all of the shortcuts are on the left.

First page you can find my social apps, second page my usual phone apps like messaging, tools, calculators. The third page which is the center i left it blank to appreciate the really pretty wallpaper. Fourth page is my power control widget where i can control Bluetooth, Wifi, sounds, brightness, and the last page i have my calendar.

Of course the rest of the apps are inside ahahaha. Super cool! Now i am awaiting for the Owain to finish the Gigglebread ROM.

Now i like my phone and i stopped drooling over the Samsung Galaxy SII or the LG Optimus 2X. Saka na mga yan pag nalaspag tong Super Mini ko nyahahah. tutal pagdating naman ng mga niyan dito sure 28k to 32k pa price nila. Let them drop and let others try them first. Hahahaha.

With my first taste of modifying my phone...i am going to do it again and again ahahaa! No Sweat!

Ipad2 on sale! 23,990 pesos for the 16GB Wifi model. Yeah right! Bili nalang ako ng netbook! I type with eight fingers and i pick my nose with one. I dont need an extra nose that costs 24k even if that nose has Wifi or 3G nyahahahaha.


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