Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its all in the clouds...

"Heart" - (yeah yeah not much but poke your eyes to see it LOL)

"Sad face in the clouds"


SUMMER IS HERE!!! Its quite rare to not use a blanket at night while sleeping here in Baguio. The past two days i have not but you suddenly wake up around three in the morning shaking LOL. And still you get a blanket.

Anyway before my daily keyboard bashing i really do take one hour bonding time with nature. This morning it was cloud watching and amazingly i got nice photos.

Sometimes i do think nature is speaking to me...seeing a face in the clouds...and then the clouds forming a heart.

What are you trying to tell me?

That you go back inside the house and continue Resbak because you are already at Chapter 18!!! Nyahahahaha.

The story is heating up, secrets are starting to be revealed but of course not all. Not just yet.


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