Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Zone!!!

"May nakitang kayamanan"

"Ninakaw!" (Look closely at the bee holding a pollen)

"Great Escape"

"Special Delivery" (Nakunsensya ata, kung may kinuha may kapalit)

"Imbakan ng nakaw"


Cant say much. cant waste time. I am in the zone and i cant stop. I am going crazy, laughing at myself when i think of funny scenes. Just last night it happened during dinner with my father. While eating my mind was doing overtime. A super funny scene popped up and i just started laughing.

Dad was staring at me...i know he wanted to call the hospital already because i just couldnt stop laughing. Hahahaha.

Oh well, this story is really challenging. Trying to balance comedy, love, action and suspense. I did it before but i am pushing myself to level up. Salamangka was great they say but i just have to level it up.

"I have no powers, i know i can die here in this school. I can also die outside. No one can tell how i may die. But there is a difference, in here i get a chance to meet her. When i die in a duel at least i have good memories to bring with me. Outside, i may die but with much regret of not knowing her at all. The longer i stay alive in here the more memories i take with me" - Raffy, RESBAK by Jonthan Paul Diaz

We were all taught about pollenation in school. Yesterday i was taking pictures of bees at work. As i was scrolling through the photos i noticed...POLLENATION IN PROGRESS. Damn di ko pa napansin kahapon ahaha.

So Let me post some shots.


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