Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ahh Boooshey booshey booshey....


Its funny how people who lambasted that TV host on Twitter suddenly start washing hands. They were so tough and brave giving their comments then when now they start making excuses.

Ahhh booshey booshey booshey!!!

Anyway who cares about that issue. Its just going to spiral into a bigger war that would bring so much hatred. Sometimes people should stop thinking about the money. I dont care who is wrong or who is right. Masyado lang madaming pakialamero at gusto magkapangalan. Nakakahiya yung mga Pinoy na gumagatong at nagpapalaki sa mga issues.

Pag di madaan sa korte naghahanap nalang ng butas kung saan pwede ibagsak yung tao. O ayan butas o nagpapalakpakan na ba tenga niyo? You people are too damn greedy!!! So what kung may mga pet projects kayong helping the poor, in the end its your greed that is showing.

Sa mga laos na just shut the hell up and find better ways to be popular again. Shame on you HAS BEENS!!!

Sa mga matatalino naman na sumawsaw sa issue...nakakapagduda na tuloy diploma niyo ha. A learned man will read the whole story first rather than pre-judge based on the synopsis. Ke BOBO! Sawsaw kayo ng sawsaw ahahahaha.


The only place where you can find peace is when you lose yourself in nature. Alone with camera one early morning i just sat down on a rock and stared at everything. Its so peaceful.

Its so much fun to be a spectator of nature. Sad to say the brain can only store a few memories so that is why there is a camera ahahahaha.

Ahhh boooshey boooshey boooshey!!!


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